Saturday, August 25, 2012


LORD, lest I be completely
  two-dimensional as a screen,
  present and absent as a missing remote,
  poor as a few cheap laughs,
  useful as a dial-up modem;

Before I completely
  subscribe to the simple over simplicity,
  waste a lifetime on prime time,
  entertain my imagination to death,
  watch everything and do nothing;

Would You unplug my heart?
(Or at least recommend a book?)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning (This Too Shall Pass)

It's a dim, sleepy Monday morning
This too shall pass
I'm thankful for my job, but I don't love it
This too shall pass
It's almost lunch time, and I'm getting hungry
This too shall pass
Tonight I'll spend quality time with my son
This too shall pass
My daughter will play with her JV volleyball team
This too shall pass
Home late from the game, my wife will climb into bed,
and I'll put my arm around her
This too shall pass
If we speak of the day, I will highlight my victories
and hide my failures
This too shall pass
I may have been bombarded by temptation
any number of times today
This too shall pass
On some of these counts, and against my better will,
I most surely will have fallen
This too shall pass
From the Fall, I will have walked all day long with a limp
from the nerve damage in my leg
This too shall pass
Still, I can walk around just fine by myself
This too shall pass
Finally, body laid down to rest, I will drift off
in unconscious expectation of a new day to come
This too shall pass
But one night soon, my dimming eyes will shut
for the long, dark sleep of death
Beloved, this too shall pass


"Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away."
- Jesus, Matthew 24:35

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I am
a small speck of sand
of Abraham and no one
One among the countless ones
Uncounted, unaccounted

I am
a pin point of light
pricked on accident it seems
in some corner of canvas
of ever-expanding night

I know not how, sojourner,
you saw, nor why, star-gazer,
you cradled me in your hand

Is a granule a great world
with grand canyons and peaks and
vast ocean deeps to explore?

Is a beam of light some bright
burning ball all ferocious
and fair in life-giving blaze?

I am
no world and no sun
Yet you count me your own, and
I am - solid, fertile, bright? -
I know not what, only that

I am
not what I would be
had you not searched sand and sky
and said to one orphan child
of millions, "You are wanted"