Sunday, August 15, 2010

They Drank the Water

Ladies and gentlemen, my hundredth post.

It was the last night before Gracie and Noah started back to school. We decided to take everyone to see The Karate Kid. Monica told the story today in worship:

Just before we pulled onto Manchester Expressway from the interstate, while we were sitting at a red light on the exit ramp, we noticed a ragged man sitting against a road sign and holding a cardboard sign of his own that read: "Homeless and Hungry. Please Help." I thought about the man. I thought about my kids sitting silently in the backseat. I thought about how stopping to help might make us late for the movie.

I rolled down my window. "Give us five minutes. Be right back."

We went through the drive-thru at Krystal and headed back to where the man was waiting. I turned on my flashers and pulled over as close as I could to the curb. Katie rolled down her window and handed the man the food. "Jesus loves you, brother" I told him. We made it to the movie.

I thought nothing else about it until yesterday when Monica mentioned that the act of mercy had meant a lot to her. I was happy to hear that. I told her I thought that was just the normal Christian thing to do. Jesus says that whatever we do unto the least of these, we do unto Him. The truth, though, is that I didn't do what I did entirely for that man. No, I did it for my children. Jesus also says that if we give even a cup of cold water to the little ones in His name, we will have a reward. I hope they drank the water that night. And I hope the man enjoyed his meal.

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