Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Burglary

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal..."
- Matthew 6:19

Our house was broken into today. Here's how it went down. Times are approximate.

9) 3:50 pm - As I turned into our neighborhood on my way home this afternoon, I noticed a police car on the next road over and a man who appeared to be in custody. Little did I know.

10) 3:51 pm - I stopped at the end of my driveway and got out of my truck to check the mail. One of my neighbors was parked on the side of the road in front of my house. He tells me that my house was just broken into. I say, "What?" He tells me that my house was just broken into.

1) 2:33 pm - A truck pulls into our driveway. A man gets out and knocks on our front door. No one answers.

4) 2:36 pm - Two other men get out of the truck and walk through the privacy fence gate into my back yard. The truck pulls out and drives away.

2) 2:34 pm - My neighbor from down the street, Kevin, sees the men and suspects what they are up to.

3) 2:35 pm - Kevin calls the police and tells them that a burglary is taking place.

5) 2:37 pm - Kevin hears the men kick in our back door. He urges the police to get there quickly.

6) 2:42 pm - The truck pulls back into our driveway. The two men from inside the house come out with our Nintendo Wii, our desktop computer, and various accessories for each. They climb in the truck and make their get-away.

7) 2:43 pm - The police have not arrived. Kevin, aka Jack Bauer, decides to follow the criminals and their recently acquired merchandise in his car.

8) 2:45 pm - As the thieves exit right from our neighborhood, they take an immediate left and are just as immediately intercepted by the police. The driver is held at gunpoint while the two passengers exit the vehicle and dash into the woods.

11) 4:37 pm - The police finally arrive at our house. We have been waiting in our driveway. They have our stolen belongings. We identify the items as ours. They say they will have to keep the items for now but that they should have them back by the next day.

12) 4:42 pm - We do a walk-through with the investigators. Our back door is smashed, and our door frame is broken. The house is in good shape, no vandalism or needless destruction. The aforementioned items are missing. The drawers in our bedroom dresser have been dumped out onto the floor. The kids rooms had not been touched.

13) 5:16 pm - Kevin comes over with his fiancee to repair our back door with a temporary fix so we can lock it for the night.

Now, the funny thing about this is that these poor thieves picked the absolute wrong house to burglarize. I list the following reasons:
a) We own practically nothing that a decent criminal would want.
b) Kevin is the epitome of a good neighbor.
c) God is gracious to us.

"...But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal."
- Matthew 6:20


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry to hear about everything that happened earlier today, but thank goodness your good neighbor Kevin was there. (I do not know him, but he deserves a medal and a movie deal.)

    I'll be praying for all of you.

  2. Wow! I know all of you must be feeling very venerable right now. David's house was broken into a few years ago and all they took was David's xbox. Just the feeling of someone being in your house when you didn't invite them to be there...
    I'm glad that all of you are safe.
    God has truly blessed you!

  3. Glad it was caught quickly and all are safe and you did not lose anything....blessings...wayne