Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reasons Why

"Others have excuses; I have my reasons why."
- Nickel Creek

I actually created this blog on a whim after looking at my friend Bethany's. I have been wanting to journal more but seldom make the time. However, I am online quite a bit each day. It just makes sense, I suppose, to do it this way.

That said, these will probably end up being thoughts about my life or the life of my church. In other words, I doubt I will attract many readers. I will try to be okay with that since the purpose in this is mostly private anyway.

I am naming this blog "Needful Seeds," which comes from a line in an old SonColored Palette song: "...and echoes in the thundering clouds releasing drops of love rain down on all the thirsty ones, every needful seed." This, I think, describes what I am, what we all are. Seeds carry so much potential, but they need God's provision to grow into their yet unknown beauty. Hopefully, as I write and consider the life God has given me, there may occur a small bit of growth.

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