Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help Me to Judge Rightly

I am a bit tired tonight, so I will simply post a beautiful prayer that I found on the Gospel Coalition blog. Did I just say, "Simply post a beautiful prayer"? I guess I am tired.

Help Me to Judge Rightly
Lord, help me to judge others
as I want them to judge me:
Charitably, not critically,
Privately, not publicly,
Gently, not harshly,
In humility, not pride.
Help me to believe the best about others
until facts prove otherwise -
To assume nothing,
to seek all sides of the story,
and to judge no one until I've removed
the log from my own eye.

May I never only bring the Law
to find fault and condemn.
Help me always to bring the Gospel
to give hope and deliverance,
as You, my Judge and Friend,
have so graciously done for me.

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